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As one of North America’s leading heavy haul transportation providers, Precision Specialized Inc. (PSI) understands that all oversized truckloads are different—each of them presenting a unique challenge determined by what is being moved, where it’s headed, and the timelines involved.

More than anything, you need to be able to trust the company you’re working with. Do they have the right equipment? The right people? The right service? PSI answers yes to all of these questions and more.


As an asset-based company, PSI has complete ownership of its heavy haul transportation inventory. Our cutting-edge trailer fleet includes flatbeds, RGNs/double-drops, conestogas, steerables, and 9-, 11-, and 13-axle trailers—all of it hauled by late-model, top-of-the-line, meticulously maintained tractor trucks. Additionally, your valuable cargo gets the protection it needs with our extensive inventory of tarps, safety straps, chains, binders and pack/crate/shrink-wrapping services. And depending on your requirements, PSI can provide cranes and operators, rigging, blocking and bracing. 

Each member of the PSI team is experienced and qualified to manage every stage of your over-sized shipment. Our “Boots-on-the-Ground” policy means your shipment is always in the care of our onsite team of specialists—with open lines of communication and support throughout the project, 24/7. Upon successful completion, you’ll enjoy the reassurance of an electronic Proof of Delivery (POD).


21′ wide, 21′ high project


From the initial planning stages through final delivery, we’re supremely focused on meeting your goals and completing your job successfully—over land, sea, rail or through the air. To that end, we’re fully bonded and insured throughout North America. We provide complete pre-shipment feasibility studies, permits, customs clearances, pick-up and delivery management, on-the-ground personnel at all transportation hubs and escort vehicles for local and international shipments.

Our around-the-clock, real-time tracking of your shipment and electronic confirmation of successful completion is second to none. And our full services apply to both truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) over-dimensional moves.


Oil piece move on stretch deck


Heavy haul is complex, even daunting. There are risks to your expensive, delicate equipment, including its motors, controls and functionality. And if you’re shipping across international borders, there are increased regulatory requirements and customs brokerage fees to consider.

Ultimately, heavy equipment transport is a situation where the slightest error can cause considerable damage, downtime and lost opportunity for your business. The PSI team understands these costs on both a fundamental and operational level, which is why we’re prepared and equipped to answer all of your questions, address each of your concerns and serve as an absolute one-stop shop for your specialized transportation project.


110,000 lbs pressure vessel on 13-axle trailer

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