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Hauling heavy equipment or oversize loads requires very specific knowledge, experience, and the proper equipment and logistics before it can be completed successfully.

Whether you’re preparing for your first oversized transportation project, or you’re an old pro, you need a reliable partner who fundamentally understands the risks involved with specialized transport and the preparation required to ensure end-to-end success.

At Precision Specialized Inc. (PSI), oversized truckloads are our specialty—and it’s our mission to provide turnkey solutions so you don’t have to worry about your freight.  

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Like every step within the PSI transport process, rigging cargo and preparation of the load receives our undivided attention. Not only are we obsessed with the integrity and safe transport of your freight while in transit, we also focus equal care on load preparation.

Depending on your needs, PSI provides cranes and operators, rigging, blocking, bracing, and shrink-wrapping services—all within facilities designed exclusively for shipping heavy equipment. Or, we can come to you.

Moving a pilot plant for Zeton. See the full project


To assist in moving any of your cargo, PSI can arrange to bring in cranes and experienced operators. In addition to rigging services, we offer blocking and bracing services to ensure maximum protection of your freight. From jack-slide to hydraulic lifts to cranes and forklifts, our team of experts has the knowledge to handle all your cargo requirements—ensuring your freight will reach its destination safely, on time, and on budget.


From boxes and large machinery to boats and delicate glass, PSI offers custom framing to suit the individual requirements of your load, whatever the size. Working closely with a reputable packaging company, teams are available to come to your location and package your freight using state-of-the-art systems to ensure your investments are well-protected for shipping.

Shrink-wrapped transformer on 13 axles mini deck

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